xxripredxx asked: Hey, just a question but sense, in spiders natural society, male spiders are eaten after intercourse, is the reason you eat so many spiders because you copulate with said spiders?

a spider doesn’t kiss and tell

This is just to say


I have eaten

the spiders
that were in
my cave

and which
you were probably
for statistical purposes

Forgive me
I am an outlier
should not have been counted

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"average person walks 7.1 miles" factoid actualy a statistical error. average person walks 0.2 miles. Pretender Georg, who would walk 1000 miles to fall down at your door, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

Anonymous asked: Georg I did you a drawing I've never been so proud of anything in my life i shear a tear I'll scan it at some point or send it to you

i am ver very excitde to see it

Anonymous asked: If you eat a spider that is covered in baby spiders does that count as 1 spider or 300? What about a spider that's been enslaved by other spiders- is that 1 spider or just 3/5ths?

every spider is made equal so every spider counts as one spider no matter if they are a baby or enslaved

elliesattlellite asked: what are your feelings about spiders georg




SPIDERS GEORG IS SO OVERRATED. Does he think he’s some sort of special snowflake for being an outlier who should not have been counted? Of course, I do feel a little sorry for him…eating only spiders all day…maybe I should invite him to my attic for dinner sometime. There are plenty of spiders up there.

ask me anything!

i think ur overrated


Spiders georg lives in a cave and eats 10,000 spiders a day


I’m in love with spiders georg.


bulbyvulgaris asked: georg, whats yr fav band



okay here’s the deal with the autographs:

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